Jack Martin Leith. Photo taken by James Wilk on 30 October 2014. Location: Bath, UK

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European Sharing on Systems Thinking

Systems Thinking in Times of Change

European Sharing on Systems Thinking  | Systems Thinking in Times of Change

Dates: 17-19 June 2015
Convenor: Peter Bach Lauritzen
Location: Prague, Czech Republic

I will be hosting a workshop:

Designing innovation and change work to create maximum ecosystem value: the why and the how.

Participants in this workshop will:

Reflect on the question: What is purpose and why does it matter?

Think anew about the nature of value and how it is created.

Discover how to design innovation and change work that embodies the enterprise’s purpose, meets with no resistance, achieves the desired results quickly, and generates value for the entire ecosystem of which the enterprise is but one interdependent part

Explore novel ways of translating systems thinking into sustained collaborative action.

Question some of their most deeply-held beliefs.

Talk with others who want to unlock the creative potential of their enterprises.

Experience the Knowledge Café format originated by David Gurteen, a prominent knowledge management consultant.

Workshop format

Following an intensive briefing, people will form groups of four and have free-flowing conversations about the ideas that were presented.

Jack will then host a large group discussion in which key issues will be explored in more depth and people’s pressing questions will be answered.

Full event detailswww.systems-sharing.eu

Enriching the world: is it good business practice?

This is the title of my five-minute Ignite Bristol talk. The 20 slides that accompany it auto-advance every 15 seconds.


Over the course of more than two decades, I provided management consulting services and educational programmes to a diverse assortment of private, public and third sector organisations.

The focus of my work was organisation transformation and breakthrough innovation.

Clients included ABN Amro Bank, Department of Health, Dogs Trust, European Commission, Findhorn Foundation, GlaxoSmithKline, Home Office, Imagination, McCain Foods, MIT Entrepreneurship Center, Shell International, and W.H. Smith.

My services have also been commissioned by a broad spread of government bodies, arts organisations and professional services firms.

In 1988 I took part in the Sixth International Symposium on Organization Transformation, which, like every organization transformation (OT) gathering from 1985, employed the Open Space Technology conferencing format originated by Harrison Owen.

During the 1990s I was active member of the global OT community, co-convening OT9 (Crete) and OT10 (Wimborne, UK), and served as a council member of Association for Management Education and Development.

In 1999 I contributed a chapter—Creating Collaborative Gatherings Using Large Group Interventions—to the Gower Handbook of Training & Development. Much of the content remains relevant, and you can download it here (pdf).

I have led seminars at London Business School, at London School of Economics and Political Science, and at University of Brighton, where they formed part of the university’s MA Change Management.

I live in Bristol, a vibrant city in the west of England.


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