by Jack Martin Leith
Originator of the value-focused enterprises approach

A value-focused enterprise seeks to enrich the world in a particular way and create maximum value, meaning and joy. Through this pursuit, the enterprise is enriched as a natural consequence.

Intent → Mission → Mission Plan → Creative Brigade → Action, by Jack Martin Leith

In a value-focused enterprise, everyone from the CEO to the most junior employee is a member of the creative brigade, committed to accomplishing the enterprise’s mission, manifesting its intent and generating maximum value for the entire ecosystem of which the enterprise is but one interdependent part.

Intent is the enterprise’s heartfelt desire to enrich the world in a particular way.

Mission is an enterprise-wide programme of work aimed at manifesting the enterprise’s intent within a given timeframe.

About this website

This website provides access to my body of work, which has been in the making for some 30 years. The site is under constant development and I upload new material every day.

What are the origins of the main value-focused enterprise concepts?

Anti-clientConcept originated by Tom Graves. Read more: How anti-clients happen (and what to do about it), by Tom Graves.
Anti-valueConcept originated by Jack Martin Leith. Read about anti-value.
Anti-value generatorConcept originated by Jack Martin Leith. Read about anti-value generators.
Creative imaginationSynthetic imagination and creative imagination distinctions originated by Napoleon Hill and introduced in his best-selling 1937 book Think and Grow Rich. Read more about creative imagination.
Ecosystem Value SpecificationProcess and tool originated by Jack Martin Leith. Read about Ecosystem Value Specification.
Enterprise ecosystemConcept as defined here originated by Jack Martin Leith. Read about the enterprise ecosystem.
Enterprise-wide peer coaching Peer coaching, where person A coaches person B, after which person B coaches person A, is not yet a widespread practice. However, InterBe, a transformative learning and development practice based in the UK, has helped one of its clients introduce this form of coaching as a continuing enterprise-wide activity. The triad configuration was devised by Jack Martin Leith, inspired by the action learning process and a method employed by International Teaching Seminars. Read about enterprise-wide peer coaching.
Heart Sink / Heart Sing ProcessOriginated by Jack Martin Leith. Derived from the Mads, Sads and Glads process devised by Robert W. Jacobs (Jake Jacobs), the originator of Real Time Strategic Change. Read about the Heart Sink / Heart Sing Process.
IntentIntent is central to the Toltec philosophy of pre-Columbian Mexico. Intent is not a short-form of strategic intent (originated by Gary Hamel and C.K. Prahalad); neither does it have the same meaning as intention. Read more about the Toltec meaning of intent: Intent and will, by Della Van Hise; also Black Holes or Intent? by Female Warrior. Read about intent as a key aspect of the value-focused enterprise approach.
Meta generatorConcept originated by Jack Martin Leith. Read about the meta generator concept.
MissionA term borrowed from the field of space exploration, and not a synonym for purpose. “Mission: an aerospace operation designed to carry out the goals of a specific program.”—Random House Kernerman Webster's College Dictionary. Read about mission as a key aspect of the value-focused enterprise approach.
Now-to-NewTerm and five distinctions originated by Jack Martin Leith, inspired by the Test—Operate—Test—Exit problem solving strategy originated by George A. Miller, Eugene Galanter and Karl H. Pribram, and the AS IS / TO BE distinctions popularised by Gemini Consulting (now Capgemini) and others in the early 1990s. Read more about the Now-to-New concept.
Rich Co-creationConcept originated by Jack Martin Leith. Advanced version of the co-creation approach first appearing in 1985 (Future Search, Large Group Interactive Process, Open Space Technology), named by Bryan Smith in 1994 (in The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook), and popularised by scholars C. K. Prahalad and Venkat Ramaswamy in the early 2000s. See Wikipedia entry for Co-creation. Read about Rich Co-creation.
Unconditional serviceCounterpart of unconditional love. Giving without wanting. Read about unconditional service.
Value is co-createdThe concept of value co-creation forms part of Service-Dominant Logic, originated by Stephen L. Vargo, Professor of Marketing, Shidler College of Business, University of Hawai’i at Manoa, Hawai’i, USA, and Robert F. Lusch, Professor of Marketing, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, USA. More info: Wikipedia—Service-dominant logic—see Foundational Premise 6, The customer is always a co‑creator of value. Read about the three main types of value, and how value is created.
Value generatorTerm originated by Jack Martin Leith. Vargo and Lusch use the term appliance. Read about value generators.
The Value Generator LifecycleConcept originated by Jack Martin Leith. Read about The Value Generator Lifecycle.

Throughout the site I mostly use the term enterprise where others might use business or organisation. This is because enterprise is wider in scope than business, and because it suggests being enterprising (“ready to undertake important, difficult, or new projects; energetic in carrying out an undertaking”). Organisation lacks this implied meaning.

Most links on the site come with explanatory text. When you hover over a link, text will appear indicating where you will be taken when you click on it.

When you hover over an unusual term, the hover text will provide a brief explanation, and clicking on the link will take you to a web page with more information. Try this example: Enterprise ecosystem.

My aim is to minimise the use of jargon and neologisms, and I only use esoteric terms when they cannot be avoided. For example, I had to invent the terms value generator and anti-value as I was unable to find any suitable alternatives.

The glossary provides definitions of terms I have invented and ones I use in a particular way.

British English (e.g. colour, programme, pavement) is used throughout the site.

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