Generative ingenuity

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The term generative ingenuity was coined by the eminent psychologist and psychoanalyst Erik Erickson, who defined it like this: Generative ingenuity is the capacity to commit to and care for another person and enhance his or her personal growth through … Continued

Change is not a journey

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The most widely used metaphor of change is that of a journey from the current state of affairs (often labelled ‘As Is’) to the desired state (‘To Be’). The desired state is seen as a place out there in the … Continued

Is employee engagement a racket?

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What is employee engagement? Employee engagement is an emotional state where we feel passionate, energetic, and committed to our work. In turn, we fully invest our best selves — our hearts, spirits, minds, and hands — in the work we … Continued


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Contents What is company culture? (a.k.a. organizational culture, corporate culture) Source: John Cutler | On Medium | On Twitter The origins and evolution of corporate culture Eric van den Steen reveals the origins of the concept of corporate culture in … Continued

Operating models

An “operating model” — how a company organizes and manages its resources to achieve its strategic ambitions — is the bridge between strategy and execution. Source: Is Your Company Actually Set Up to Support Your Strategy? by Eric Garton, Bain … Continued