Cultivating the creative learning organization

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Rich Co‑creation capability (the main component of generative capability) is cultivated in an enterprise-wide network of coaching triads, learning syndicates and clans. This parallel structure is called the creative learning organisation.
Definition of a New Learning Organisation

A living and learning organisational ecosystem that intelligently facilitates the performance and learning of its entire people population, continuously transforming itself.

It is agile and fluid in nature, with the ability to move beyond learning interventions by learning at an organisational level.

It is a dynamic, trusted, people-led organisational model that allows people to ‘grow and glow’ through a common purpose, the respect of knowledge, and the analysis, development and acquisition of knowledge, so that it can innovate fast enough to survive and thrive in a rapidly changing environment.

Source: Driving the New Learning Organisation, by Jane Daly and Laura Overton, Towards Maturity, in conjunction with CIPD. (Some punctuation added by Jack Martin Leith for clarity.)
Coaching Triads, Creative Learning Syndicates and Clans

In a generative enterprise, everyone from the CEO to the most junior employee is a member of an unmoderated, cross-functional coaching triad.

Triads meet monthly to review each person’s contribution to the accomplishment of the enterprise’s mission, address any issues, and experience the giving and receiving of unconditional service.

Through membership of a triad, a syndicate and a clan, people discover and unleash their innate creative power and become adept practitioners of Rich Co-creation — the principal means by which the enterprise accomplishes its mission and manifests its intent.

And by helping to unlock the creative potential of the enterprise, people liberate their own creative potential.

Structure of a coaching session in a generative enterprise
Person A is never coached by Person B (likewise B by C, and C by A), so all three parties gain repeated experience of giving and receiving unconditional service.

A learning syndicate is composed of three triads. The nine members meet bi‑monthly to review their coaching practice, discuss the giving and receiving of unconditional service, and acquire Rich Co-creation know-how.

A clan, formed of 27 triads (81 employees), is a community of practice — the practice being Rich Co‑creation.

Held every six months, a clan meeting is a tribal gathering, professional forum and talent showcase.

It also provides an opportunity for people to sample the Rich Co‑creation approach and gain experience in designing, organising and hosting collaborative meetings and events.

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