I am a UK-based co-creation consultant working with large corporates and nonprofit organizations. I am also a practising innovator and an entrepreneur.

Co-creation consultant
I help large corporates and nonprofit organizations employ the principles and practices of Rich Co-creation to conceive, develop and introduce groundbreaking products, services and work practices that generate maximum value for customers, other stakeholders, and wider society.

“I have worked with Jack Martin Leith for 20 years. He has one of the most brilliant, penetrating, erudite, and practical minds I know. With his exceptional experience of innovation, large group work and organisation development, he is a terrific partner for clients and consultancies with major projects.”

Angus Jenkinson

Angus Jenkinson, Founder and CEO, Stepping Stones Consultancy, and former Professor of Integrated Marketing, University of Bedfordshire

“Jack is a practical sorcerer. He is always gathering new substances, forces and ingredients to cast ever more effective spells that create innovation magic. Jack is a person I am proud to know for his willingness to regularly recast himself and the world around him, always aimed at the authentic new. Newness often involves the painful process of shedding old skins, but Jack walks his talk and redrafts himself with the passion and artistry of the great painters and sculptors. Jack is an exemplar of collaboration, taking us from now to new, on expeditions that can take a day, and yet can have all the richness and excitement, learning and challenge of a safari through personal and organisational jungles. Jack’s a world pioneer of Open Space 2.0 and beyond, a man who lives for a living, there’s nothing facile about his facilitation, a prolific maker-upper of ideas and approaches, processes and methods that help create futures in the now. I’ve worked with and dialogued with Jack for many centuries; he’s inspiring, a sharer and, most of all, an innovation Samurai.”

Paul Levy

Paul Levy, founder of CATS3000, senior lecturer at Centre for Research in Innovation Management, University of Brighton, founder of FringeReview, and author of Digital Interno

“A jack of all trades and master of many.”

Tom Bourner

Tom Bourner, Emeritus Professor of Personal and Professional Development, University of Brighton

“Jack, I’m very proud to be part of your success story–you’ve been influential in shaping my thinking over the past 25 years, just as you’ve been influential in both UK and Dutch circles and beyond in shaping top management thinking on innovation, change, leadership and how to harness large group process. Delighted to learn that you are now opening your work up to a wider audience, and sharing your knowledge and seasoned expertise, so that you can hopefully play your role in helping to turn this economy around.”

James Wilk

Dr. James Wilk, University of Oxford and Interchange Research

Some of the many organizations I have assisted

ABN Amro Bank

Age Concern (now Age UK)

Arts Factory

Association for Management Education & Development

Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Association of Greater Manchester Authorities (now Greater Manchester Combined Authority)

BBC National Orchestra of Wales

Bayer CropScience

Birmingham City University

Bristol City Council

Coopers & Lybrand (now PwC)

Development Trusts Association

Dogs Trust

EarthSpirit Festival

Environment Agency

European Commission

European Nuclear Society

Findhorn Foundation


Guinness Ireland Group (now Diageo Ireland)

Hampshire County Council


ICI Melinex (now Teijin DuPont Films)

ICI Paints (now AkzoNobel)


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Massachusetts Institute of Technology — MIT Entrepreneurship Center

McCain Foods


National Association of Local Government Arts Officers

National Association of Street Artists

Natural History Museum

Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railways)

New Solutions

Numico (now Danone)

Petroleum Development Oman

Pfizer Animal Health (now Zoetis)


Royal Dutch Shell: Group Strategy

Shell GameChanger

Shell International Exploration & Production

Shell Risk and Insurance

UK Government: Cabinet Office, Department of Health, Home Office, and various local authorities

University of Brighton: Community-University Partnership Programme

The Value Engineers

W.H. Smith

Practising innovator

I have been an experimenter, inventor and project initiator since childhood, which means such approaches as Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile are second nature to me.

Most of my creations are in the fields of innovation and organizational change. Recent additions to the growing collection of theories and practices include the Rich Co-creation methodology and the Generative Enterprise concept.

The Generative Enterprise concept

A generative enterprise is a business or nonprofit organization that seeks to generate maximum value for customers or users, other stakeholders, wider society, and, as a natural consequence, the enterprise itself.

Read more about Generative Enterprise

The Rich Co-creation methodology

Rich Co-creation is a collaborative innovation and change methodology. In a generative enterprise, Rich Co-creation is the predominant way of planning and expediting project-based work.

The methodology has been 25 years in the making. I chose the name Rich Co‑creation to signify that it is potent and focused on generating maximum ecosystem value.

Read more about Rich Co-creation



Co-founder and CEO (2006 – 2007)

A business that developed and introduced Hoochie Coochie, a wish fulfilment game for adventurous couples that I invented. The talisman pictured below was designed by my co-director Steve Ormerod.

The Hoochie-Coochie talisman in gold, silver and bronze
The Hoochie-Coochie talisman in gold, silver and bronze

The Innovation Agency

Founder and CEO (1999 – 2001)

An innovation and change consultancy.

The Centre for Large Group Interventions

Founder and CEO (1995 – 1998)

An Amsterdam-based service that helped businesses and nonprofit organizations deploy Open Space Technology, Real Time Strategic Change and other ‘whole system in the room’ methods to address strategic and operational challenges.


Partner (1991 – 1994)

An innovation and change consultancy.

Leith & Price

Co-founder (1983 – 1990)

A business development consultancy serving the advertising, marketing and media sectors that owned a unique database of the top 1,000 UK advertisers. Most of the big London advertising agencies subscribed to the Leith & Price service.

Early employers

Company name and my role:

Alexon Fashion house merchandiser

Beavis, Shrimpling & Softly Advertising agency account manager

Campbell Connelly Music publisher’s assistant

Debenhams Management trainee, department manager, merchandising executive

IPC Magazines (now Time Inc. UK) Media sales executive

Lonsdale Advertising Advertising agency account manager

Marketing Week (now Centaur Media) Media sales executive

Former posts

Council member, Association for Management Education & Development.

Founder, Moon Shots—a global community of management renegades brought together by Gary Hamel’s Harvard Business Review article, Moon Shots for Management.

Head of interaction, Intranet Benchmarking Forum (now Digital Workplace Group).

Co-founder, Open Space UK.

Committee member, Bristol Festival Community Group.

Some past talks and workshops

Enriching the World: Is it good business practice?

That’s the title of the five-minute talk I gave at Ignite Bristol (motto: Enlighten us, but make it quick) on 31 October 2010. I have since modified some of the concepts I presented. The 20 slides accompanying the talk auto-advance every 15 seconds.

Organizing Without Managers: Exploring new forms of organization

A one-day workshop held at Ashridge, UK, on 1 July 2016 that I designed and subsequently led with Andrew Campbell, a director at Ashridge Strategic Management Centre.

Download slides illustrating the 150-year history of management theory and practice.

Some past conference sessions

European Sharing on Systems Thinking

Prague, Czech Republic, June 2015

Facilitator of Knowledge Café: Designing innovation and change work to create maximum ecosystem value—the why and the how

Facilitator of Open Space part of the conference

UX Bristol 2012

Bristol, United Kingdom | 20 July 2012

Workshop facilitator: Co-create a short talk in a day.

Participants in this workshop started with a blank slate. Working throughout the refreshment breaks and the lunch period, they co-created a conference session, What are you taking away from today? which they ran towards the end of the day.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT Entrepreneurship Center

Annual conference | Madrid, Spain | March 2008

Facilitator of Open Space part of the conference

SOCAP Europe

May–June 2011 | Organiser: Social Capital Markets

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Facilitator of Open Space part of the conference

Social Enterprise Bristol

Organiser: Bristol City Council

Conference chair and facilitator

Conference on Large Group Intervention Methods

Organiser: Schouten & Nelissen, The Netherlands

Workshop facilitator

Teaching work


London Business School

Seminar for members of the LBS innovation network

London School of Economics and Political Science

Branding seminar for marketing undergraduates

University of Brighton

Visiting lecturer, MA Change Management

Innovation Masterclass

A series of two-day learning events attended by senior innovation and strategy executives from W.L. Gore & Associates, W.H. Smith, Powergen (now E.ON), and various parts of Shell including Group Strategy and Shell GameChanger

Conference production


International Symposium on Organization Transformation

OT11: Crete, Greece
OT12: Wimborne, United Kingdom


Creating the World We Want

London, United Kingdom


IBF Live (Intranet Benchmarking Forum)

London, United Kingdom

Programme director

The Future of Management Development

Chelwood Gate, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Co-convenor and Open Space facilitator

Read Paul Levy’s account of the conference



Creating Collaborative Gatherings Using Large Group Interventions

Gower Handbook of Training & Development, Chapter 28.

Although written in 1999, much of the content remains relevant.

Download (pdf)

Creating Greatness in the Realm Beyond Systems Thinking

Article forming part of an e-book for participants in European Sharing on Systems Thinking, Prague, Czech Republic, June 2015

Download (pdf)

Organizational Change and Large Group Interventions

Career Development International, 1/4 [1996] 19–23, MCB University Press

In this paper I propose six preconditions for successful change efforts.