What is Rich Co-creation?

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Rich Co-creation is a collaborative innovation and change methodology.

In a generative enterprise, Rich Co-creation is the predominant way of planning and expediting project-based work.

Invented by Jack Martin Leith, Rich Co‑creation is a purpose-led, egalitarian way of getting things done in which all interested parties (stakeholders and beyond) work together from the outset and on an equal footing to bring forth a mutually-beneficial result and generate maximum value for customers or users, other stakeholders, wider society, and, as a natural consequence, the enterprise itself.

Here are some examples of a mutually-beneficial result:

  • A new product, service, facility, establishment or event.
  • A renewed sense of purpose.
  • A new vision, business model or strategy.
  • A new organizational design.
  • A new way of working.
  • The dispatch of an intractable problem.

In a generative enterprise—one that seeks to enrich the world—every team uses the Rich Co-creation principles and practices to plan, initiate and expedite projects that contribute to the accomplishment of the enterprise’s mission, thereby manifesting its intent.

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